Aroma stones massage


One of the most relaxing types of massage. Warming and healing; combining heated Basalt stones with traditional and exotic massage techniques, Aroma Stone massage promises a treatment of the most blissful kind.

This treatment is excellent for severe muscle spasm, muscle tension, calm nervous system achieving a deep relaxation with penetrating heat, balances energy levels, gently detoxifies reduces high stress level and harmonice mind and body connection.

Perfect to treat insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, muscle pain.

Green clay with deep tissue massage


A designed treatment to achieve deep state of mind and body relaxation.

Green Clay with Aloe Vera is a natural product with countless therapeutic properties, rich in mineral and organic ingredients that nourishes the skin and detoxifies muscles and reduces them inflammation while intensive deep tissue massage works to ease knots and tension. Best to treat aches and pains, poor circulation, chronic soft-tissue injuries.

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