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Sonia Espinosa

Sonia is a professional with a lot of knowledge in the world of massage. Her passion for helping
People have always been curious about learning different disciplines, not just the physical body.
but also the emotional one to be able to solve the problem effectively and immediately.
Sonia began her path of self-knowledge in 2016 and since then she has always done therapies to
to be able to evolve and to be able to heal all those wounds that come from family roots, experiences and
of childhood. Through her healing she has been able to experience so many tools that have served her well.
and it resonated that she has studied them for herself, although after starting the journey she has realized
that it was something she had to give to others.
For Sonia, pain is nothing more than an emotional root that can be healed if she is willing to open up.
emotionally to be able to do it. It is listening to your body and knowing what your soul needs.
to be able to give it to him. Therefore, through massage techniques she looks for where the trigger points are.
which relate to each other by finding the emotion that provokes that and then begins a process of guidance and
coaching to be able to take you to the origin of the pain and release it through finding. . new patterns
behavior and thereby get rid of the pain.
All the tools used in her massage have to do with all the disciplines studied and
Depending on what the client’s energy feels like, they will use the tools that BEING needs.

Professional Accreditation

2018- Official Professional Qualification accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security
in “Manual Aesthetic Massage and Associated Sensory Techniques” first promotion, in Therapies
Manuales Murcia reference center in the field of Manual Therapy, both for patients who
seek effective solutions, as well as for the extensive group of professionals who have directly
formed in it. Always with the philosophy and teaching method of the Dr. Manual Massage School.
Sagrera Ferrándiz from Barcelona. In which the modules taken are:

1. DIAGNOSIS AND PROTOCOLS for massage and sensory techniques.
Fundamentals in Anatomy and Physiology. Cosmetology. Aesthetic diagnosis. Protocolization of processes.
Neuromuscular bandage. Chiropractic applied to Massage. Neuromuscular Assessment.

Principles and foundations of massage. Massage manoeuvres. Application techniques by body regions.
Equipment with mechanical effect. Vibration Devices.

Principles and foundations of DLM. Exploration. Maneuvers and techniques. Equipment with mechanical effect,
Pressotherapy. Lymphatic Drainage Techniques for post-medicine aesthetic treatments and aesthetic surgery

Reflex zones. Channels and energy points. Foot Reflexology. Manual, auricular, body reflexology
(Shiatsu). Instrumented reflexology. Massage on site.

Aromatherapy. Chromotherapy. Music therapy. Moxibustion. Hot/Cold Stone Massage. Massage
Hawaiian. Thai Oil Massage.


Professional Practices

In the Archena spa, with more than 200,000 m², located in the province of Murcia, in the Valle de Ricote Natural Area, best known for its thermal waters, massages are performed under showers of mineral-medicinal waters, in which thermal mud is used. . . as a massage vehicle, helping people with bone, muscle and circulatory problems.

In 2019, he traveled to London to undergo training to work at the company OneSpaWorld, a world leader in health and well-being that provides unparalleled services to cruise passengers.

In this experience he learned to adapt massages to the client’s needs, giving them luxury experiences, and providing maximum well-being so that they can enjoy their vacations.

Swedish Massage – Fully adapted to the client’s needs, according to their concerns, whether muscle pain, stress relief, pure relaxation or emotional balance.

Aroma stone therapy: combination of heated basalt stones with traditional and exotic massage techniques.

Restorative Salt Stone – A treatment to energize and recharge the body in this modern life. Improve mental alertness and general well-being.

R3- Relaxation, Repair, Relief – Recommended for back pain, joint stiffness, tired muscles or soreness to help provide effective and immediate relief.

Bamboo Massage – A warm, relaxing massage that tantalizes the senses, combined with deep tissue or gentle caresses to melt away tension.

Massage with Thai and Chinese herbal pindas that are steamed and applied directly to the body in a kneading action to relieve muscle tension and stiffness in key areas of the body.

Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap – This seaweed treatment detoxifies and deeply cleanses the body inside and out.

Intense Cleansing Salt Scrub – Lime and Ginger or Frangipani: This polishing treatment releases toxins.

Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap – Moisturizing body wrap for extremely dry skin, leaving it sedated.

2021 Ancestral Karmic Numerology, Numerological Genogram. With Adriana Fillastre and Martine Coquatrix.

Numerology allows us to know our personality and, at the same time, discover what our mission is in this world. Thus, once we have absolute certainty thanks to the numbers that we are complying with what is established, we will be able to achieve a true state of peace and harmony. It also helps to resolve individual conflicts or with the family clan, changing patterns to be able to align your environment with your soul and find your personal balance and understand your monthly or annual energies to use them in your favor and get the most out of it. his life.

2021 Akashic Records Level 1 and 2. With Sofia Kloppe.

In the Akashic records a channel of communication is opened with our ancestors and spiritual guides. Some people seek to access these records to gain clarity about their life’s purpose, understand repetitive patterns in their lives, or obtain answers to spiritual questions.

My Background

After my studies I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, working for an American company “Steiner One Spa World”. I first went to London where I gained specialist training to work as a masseuse on board holiday cruises.

It was the best experience for me to grow as a professional and also as a person.

The experience was rewarding, it healed the body, mind and soul of hundreds of people from almost all over the world, and changed their vacation making their experience wonderful and relaxing.

The most beautiful thing was always giving the best of me, all my essence to my clients and seeing how their faces changed from the first consultation to the end of the treatment. Being aware that my massages helped them with their pain and released stress from their body made me feel completely and immensely happy. At the same time I felt at peace since I was working in the place I wanted to be and doing what I loved, my dream job and my life purpose; which is helping others.

My Purpuse

Since I discovered my purpose of life all that I want is to give all people a beautiful, painless and pleasant experience through my hands and my energy.

​Everyone deserve to live in peace and without pain, with my massages I can give that feeling of inner peace, relax the tension not only in the body but in the mind as well, and release the pain in order to give them a good quality of life.

​When I do this then my goal is achieved and I feel full of happiness.

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